“Don’t Be A Drag, Just Be A QUEEN”|#TheSnoeBall Drag Extravaganza

Can't believe it's September already! Three more months and we're heading to the year 2020! This year may feel like a roller coaster ride but to be honest, my 2019 was filled so many blessings (and challenges) that I am truly grateful for. Enough about me, and 2019! Let's talk about the most raved event... Continue Reading →


BELLFLOWER Coconut Hydrating Serum & Idebenone Brightening Serum|Product Review

When you're a late bloomer in terms of taking care of you skin, chances are serums were not part of your early stages of your skincare routine. If you've been reading my past reviews, you may have a bit of an idea how my skincare regimen changed the moment I finally understood how crucial it... Continue Reading →

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