Hey there, blondie!

  As you all know, I dyed my hair blonde 2 weeks ago and I am totally loving my new look! I recently auditioned for a makeup line's newest brand ambassadors and the photo above was the photo I sent as an entry with these three additional photos below. Crossing my fingers!!! 😁 My supportive husband... Continue Reading →

Last Sunday, we went to Enchanted Kingdom to cap off our long weekend anniversary celebration. I asked my sister to join us because I need a photographer. Just kidding! I just love my sister's company and my son listens to her so it was easier for me to go an amusement park with someone who... Continue Reading →


  As part of our long weekend Anniversary celebration, we watched The Lion King Musical at The Theater| Solaire last Friday (May 25, 2018). My heart is happy, I froze as they started to sing "Circle of Life", got goosebumps and felt happy tears falling from my eyes! The casts were A-MAAAAAZING! My son cried... Continue Reading →

You know it's summer in the Philippines when you go out and buy "dirty" ice cream for an afternoon snack.

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