NUWHITE: #March2ABetterYou

I went to Revel at the Palace last March 2, 2019 to attend the launch of Oxina Nutricocosmetics’ new premium formula of NUWHITE S-Acetyl Glutathione; as well as to welcome their newest brand ambassador, Kim Domingo.

The new and improved NUWHITE with its premium formula aims to address most of the common problems that oral glutathione products currently have.

What some if not most of us want are quick results; whether it’s for growing your hair, whitening your teeth or even clearing acne marks. So, NUWHITE introduced S-Acetyl Glutathione because of its faster absorption rates and better results since it is the most powerful form of glutathione.

It aims to be the all-in-one beauty supplement since it also contains collagen, Vitamin E, and sodium ascorbate. This way, you don’t have to take too many vitamins/tablets like Samantha (Sex and the City Movie 2) to maintain a healthy glowing skin!


Samantha, SATC Movie 2 -screen capture from YouTube

It is also easier to remember what to take because now, you’ll only need 1 pink capsule to think of… and that is NUWhite.


NUWhite was one of the best selling whitening supplements back in 2015 for its affordability and quick whitening effect… so, why did they have to change or improve the formula?

According to them, NuWhite is already a great product but it doesn’t have to end there. Their brand’s journey to excellence aims to get better over time. This includes continuous research, product development and improvement as well as raising the standards high to make sure that customer satisfaction is at its best.

S-Acetyl Glutathione (SAG) is an oral active form of glutathione which is three times more powerful than other available glutathione oral supplements that contain Reduced Glutathione.

NUWhite also made use of Emothion S-Acetyl Glutathione, the effective in-body-form of glutathione which is considered as the “GREATEST INNOVATION in GLUTATHIONE”.

Its crystalline form optimizes the absorption of SAG, and is more stable than L-Glutathione reduced throughout the digestive tract.

I also found out that it is not only for whitening your skin, it also has a positive effect on oxidative stress, liver protection, anti-aging, and skin health… after all, glutathione is actually an antioxidant and not just your typical whitening product.

Now that we’ve learned so much about NUWhite’s new and improved formulation, let’s talk about their newest brand ambassador!

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Unveiling our Nuwhite Ambassadress: Ms. KIM DOMINGO⠀ ⠀ Why Kim?⠀ ⠀ We chose Kim Domingo to represent our brand because like us, she has her own challenges to conquer. As an artist, she would like to grow and be better. She does not want to be bound by certain roles or images. She wants to be better. She wants to challenge herself. She wants to go beyond expectations and shatter limitations. Like you, the new generation, she fights for what she wants and strives to create her own reality.⠀ ⠀ She is one of YOU. She is one of US.⠀ ⠀ #KimDomingo⠀ #KimForNuwhite⠀ #KimDomingoForNuwhite⠀ #nuwhite⠀ #sacetylglutathione #saglutathione #mostpowerfulglutathione⠀ #nugeneration #nuchallenge

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Kim Domingo is one of the most sought actresses in GMA 7 for her undeniable beauty, and of course her super fit & sexy body. She is also known for having a glowing skin, that my American blood wouldn’t want to compete with. LOL! Kidding aside, Kim mentioned during the launch that she’s been using NUWhite for years, even if she wasn’t the brand ambassador yet.


with Maureen Estrada, and Kim Domingo

Looking at her would make me want to hoard NUWhite products! Seeing her in person can surely convince anyone that the product is really working. She did actually explain that her complexion has something to do with her French blood, but the healthy skin is totally because of NUWhite, and healthy eating habits.


I received 1 bottle of NUWhite S-Aceryl Glutathione from the launch and started taking 1 capsule a day since Monday. I am now on my fifth day, and I can say that I am seeing the effects on my body. I am not as white as snow yet, I don’t aim to be. LOL!

I have a sensitive skin; my face is a combination of dry and oily, while the rest of my body is dry. So when I started taking the capsule, I noticed that my skin is not super dry anymore. Even if I forget to put lotion on, it doesn’t look like I have scales on my legs anymore.

So, I just have to wait for day 28 to see if there are visible changes on my skin complexion and if my skin will have that natural radiant glow that I have always wanted to achieve.

If you also want to participate in the #Lessthan28Days #NuChallenge, order the NUWHITE S-Aceryl Glutathione now!

Thank you, Chelsea! It was fun spending time with you at the launch! Thank you for having us Oxina Nutricosmetics, and congratulations on the successful event! I am looking forward to work/collaborate with you if given the chance. More power to you and your business!

To know more about NUWhite, and other Oxina Nutricosmetics products, here are their social media links and other info:

  • Instagram: @nuwhiteofficial
  • Facebook: NUWhite
  • Address: Unit 221, Regalia Park Tower 150 P. Tuazon Blvd, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Email:
  • Phone: (02) 372-2595
  • Website/Shop:


OOTN: I bought my outfit from Attraction Designs

#MARCH2ABETTERYOU with NUWhite! That’s all for me today! Xoxo, Sab.




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