The Art of Microblading: Brow Code Exclusive Pre-launch

To have beautiful brows would often mean allotting an hour of my time in the mirror, drawing and erasing until I get it right or almost-perfect… and if I don’t have the time, I will have to endure going out with a bare face even if it sometimes doesn’t make me feel good.

I never considered microblading/ eyebrow tattoo before because I have seen some “finished products” that are cringe-worthy. I never liked to wake up with make up. I only wanted fuller, cleaner looking brows.

That’s why when I got invited to attend Brow Code’s pre-launch, I immediately said yes because of my curiosity on how microblading is done, and what separates them from the others.


Brow Code Logo; credits to their FB page

Before we go further into the event’s details, let’s talk a bit about microblading and what it does to help enhance our eyebrows.


Yang de Castro

According to Dr. Google:

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, in which pigment is scratched into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles.

Just by reading the definition made me feel like I want to back out right away if this procedure was offered to me!

It was a good thing that I got the opportunity to see a live demo on how it’s done at Brow Code. To tell you the truth, I feel like I want to experience it too!

You’re maybe wondering what made me change my mind; why I suddenly wanted to give microblading a shot… well, let me show you why.


Photo c/o Chelsea Sayo

Brow Code is a company owned by a Filipino who was internationally and personally trained by the world renowned godfather of microblading, David Zhang. Their artist was also trained by James Olaya (Brazil’s guru of micro-pigmentation) for lips, and machine use through disciplines in terms of tattooing the brows — like microblading, and micro-pigmentation.



Their goal is to make eyebrows appear as natural as possible. They also do ombre brows upon client’s request; but as purists, they prefer to use the technique to make real-life hair strands. They use nano blades because it’s the finest blade to recreate hair strands, and they also have a different technique when it comes to ensuring retention — to retain pigment to last longer.

Sounds interesting right?

What I like most about their procedure is that they do not have to frame or map the face to make life-like brows. What the artist does is use their magic pen to trace and to draw the brows one by one before they start the procedure. Freehand artistry probably sets them apart from other companies, aside from the fact that there are only a few men who does microblading in the Philippines.


Different pigments are offered at Brow Code, and products are ordered at David Brow Art in Singapore.

Rest assured that the pigments used are of high and great quality!

Who wouldn’t want that?

Aside from microbalding, Brow Code also offers Glutathione Drip, Glutathione Push, Lash Lift, and Hair & Makeup services.


I was one of the lucky bloggers that got to experience two of the services they offered.

Once in a while, I  also do modelling gigs. LOL!

Kidding aside, I had the privilege to get my lashes lifted during the pre-launch. It was my first time getting a lash lift and so I was totally excited of what my lashes would look like after.


It took an hour and a half to complete the procedure. That’s because perming the brows require cleansing, actual lifting by the use of their tools; applying the product used to keep the lashes lifted and of course, tinting the lashes to make them look more alive.


I have stubborn and uneven length set of lashes, but look at that final result! Take note, my eye makeup including brow makeup were removed.


Here’s another look, this time from the side.

I totally loved how my lashes look like! These lashes will stay looking fab for two to three months. As soon as they go back to normal, I will setup an appointment with Brow Code to have them lifted again.



I love the feeling of getting glammed up once in a while. To be seated on Brow Code’s makeup chair was definitely one for the books!




Photo c/o Claire Lingan

Look at those lashes, girl! Totally digging this makeup look! Thank you again, Brow Code!


An event wouldn’t be complete without a sumptuous meal. Thank you Brow Code, for keeping our tummies full with the yummy food you served!


 Thank you also for the goodies that you shared with us!




Thank you ELKE by Evetag for the Lemon Mansi Soap and for the Aloe Sea Mist!

I am already using the Mist to keep my face from dehydration especially in the afternoon heat.



Conscents PH



Thank you Conscents PH for the scented candles! I really love the Citrus Scent of Morning Inspiration!




Brow Code’s exclusive pre-launch was a fun learning experience. We now have a new level of appreciation for microblading procedure, including the benefits of Gluta Drip/Push as well as the beauty of Lash Lift.


Photo c/o Claire Lingan

Brow Code Exclusive Pre-launch
February 3, 2019 – 2:00 PM
Poblacion, Makati City


c/o Brow Code’s FB Page

For more information, questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Brow Code.

For rates and scheduling an appointment, it’s best to call them on their mobile.

To know more about our generous sponsors, you may also follow them on their social media pages:

ELKE by Evetag

Caters a new line of beauty products that effectively lightens, softens and firms skin, giving a promising youthful look in no time.

Conscents PH

Handmade, vegan and clean burn Soy scented candles

Want to get that natural looking brows without hassle of drawing them everyday? Get your brows done at BROW CODE now!

That’s all for me today! Xoxo, Sab.

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