Makati Central Square – New and Improved; Coming Soon 2019


On December 5, we were invited to go to Makati Central Square or most popularly known as, Makati Cinema Square for their soft re-launch.


Photo credit: Makati Central Square Facebook Page

For those who do not know, MCS has been in Makati since 1979 and was owned mainly by the Rufinos. According to Ms. Carmela Misa, the Rufinos were pioneers in the movie industry. They owned movie theatres in Manila and distribute films in Makati. At that time, they do not own a cinema/movie house in Makati yet, and that’s how the idea of MCS came to life. Instead of having just a typical movie theatre, they decided to make it a complete commercial space.

I had to commute going to Makati because I know riding the MRT will always be the fastest way to go there. I asked my fellow blogger Bianca where I should right upon going down Ayala Station. I had to ride a jeepney going to MCS because that’s the only option I had at that moment and because the place was near anyway.


Photo credit: TIU Theater Facebook Page

As I have arrived, I was asked to go to TIU Theater and to register first, and Sir Mike accompanied me to go inside. When the presentation started, we were greeted by the host named, Lovely. She mentioned that TIU Theater is open for film showings, theatrical plays, and other performances including Cosplays. She also mentioned that they are an advocate in supporting Filipino, Japanese and other nations in regards to performing arts.

Sir Mike also introduced himself, and welcomed Mr. Carlo Rufino to share with us what the soft re-launch was all about.

Carlo Rufino is the son of Charlie Rufino, the owner of MCS. He is one of MCS’ board of directors and definitely one of the people behind the renovation and revamping of Makati Central Square. Aside from showing us a video clip about the history of MCS, he also toured us around the place.

Now that you’ve also watched the video, let’s take a little tour, shall we?

(Thank you, Jomar of for these photos.)

These beautiful photos may not be able to sum up what we have seen and experienced, but somehow upon seeing these pictures, you would know for sure that there’s more to MCS than just a movie theater and commercial space.


We were greeted by a Zumba Dance Mob, and THE Tessa Prieto-Valdes graced us with her presence dressed as a bubbly unicorn princess!

Among the iconic spaces that they have at MCS was Superbowl. I remembered going there with my aunt when I was a kid and we would always order Pizza from Magoo’s.

He also showed us some of their original tenants like Emer’s (Chinese Restaurant), Aida’s Chicken, including Jollibee and Audiophile.

Jollibee himself greeted us with a dance number of his own!

We were able to see the other shops that they have like, Catalina Cafe, Eskinita Gallery, Baked Rite, Mang Inasal, and Booksale. I know there are a lot more, but it’s too many to mention and it’s better for you to come and visit to discover what else is there in MCS.

And oh, they even have a new wing that caters to Japanese and Filipino restaurants like JT’s Manukan, Atikaya, Manpuku Steak house, Wabi Sabi and one of Filipino favorites these days, Samgyupsalamat, that I am sure every family can enjoy!

I love how nostalgic it was going back to MCS even if I can hardly remember the last time I was there. I cannot sum up what I want to say to show you what it has in store for its clients this year when they have their grand re-launch.

I do not have a lot of photos because some of my files were corrupted, unfortunately. So, to better give you the MCS feels… here are the videos of the mommy vloggers that we were with, as they definitely captured every bit of information you need to know about the new and improved Makati Central Square.

From: Bianca Villaverde

From: MamaLeysVlog

From: FheiGesmundo

From: TChang Anna Fam

From what you’ve just watched, MCS does have a lot to offer! From the food stalls, restaurants that can only be found there, to specialty shops or sports like Archery and Fencing, up to the new ones that they have acquired to make sure that Makati Central Square can rebuild its charm!

I hope you enjoyed their vlogs, and don’t forget to subscribe to their Youtube Channels, okay?

If you want to know more about Makati Central Square, like them on Facebook: MAKATI CENTRAL SQUARE.

Are you excited about the grand re-launch too? Let me know in the comments!

That’s all for me today! Xoxo, Sab.

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4 thoughts on “Makati Central Square – New and Improved; Coming Soon 2019

  1. Monch Weller says:

    Good to know the management refurbished the place! 🙂 The last time I visited there was around 2016, when I watched a wrestling show with a friend. (MCS even had that boxing ring with the beat-up canvas; is it still there, or they removed the boxing ring for good?)

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