#ZenSecretGarden: Celebrating The Zen Institute’s 13th Anniversary

Hi guys! I know it’s been weeks since I last posted something on my blog. So today, I would like to share with you my experience at the #ZenSecretGarden event that I attended last month. If you haven’t heard of or been to a medical spa before, this is something that you’d want to read about; but first, let’s talk about The Zen Institute.


The Zen Institute was founded in 2005 by Dr. Mary Jane Torres, who is also its medical director. She wanted to integrate medical science with art and lifestyle in the hopes of promoting a holistic approach to wellness; which was the very key to bringing her “one of a kind concept” to life.

“It specializes in non-invasive aesthetic enhancement from face contouring, body sculpting to skin rejuvenation to aesthetic beauty. The core of all treatments is beauty perfected from within through positive lifestyle changes, detoxification, weight management, bio-identical hormone therapy and regenerative stem cell therapy.”

According to Dr. MJ, “beauty is a journey” and that there are no quick fixes when it comes to beauty. She also believes that beauty is an art, a journey to self improvement, through evidence-based therapy.

Sounds interesting right? Imagine if we can avoid or at least delay the need of surgical treatments (if necessary) just by changing our ways and by having a healthier lifestyle. That would save us a lot of money that we can put to better use (Hello, shopping! Lol!).

Photo credit: TheZenInstitute.com

Just to give some information about our beloved Dr. MJ, she is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. (Wow, we’re both Thomasians!) Her postgraduate internship was at St. Luke’s Hospital and she underwent training with the country’s leading dermatologists and surgeons.

Dr. MJ also holds training for Asian Doctors in Thailand and Bali Indonesia, as well as completed her Botox training in Istanbul, Turkey; she completed Lipotherapy in Athens, Greece too! She is also a member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine where she learned the practice of Integrative Medicine combined with aesthetic treatment.

I can write a whole blog just by giving the list of her credentials, as this woman is ON FIRE! She is indeed a master of her craft! So if you want to know more about Dr. MJ, you can read through their website. Click here.

You’re maybe asking why I am giving a mini history discussion about The Zen Institute. Don’t worry; I am not giving you a pop quiz!

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I had the opportunity to attend their anniversary party (Thank you, Anne Cua!), and got the chance to try one of their services.

The Zen Institute - Thumbnail
Photo Credit: The Zen Institute

The Zen Institute celebrated its 13th anniversary called Bloom: Zen Secret Garden at TZI Binondo branch, on November 21, 2018. Influencers, media personalities, and brand ambassadors were invited to commemorate this important milestone of the company and the people it serves.

The legend Julie Yap Daza (Author of Etiquette for Mistresses) graced us with her presence; but because I was star struck, I forgot to ask to take a photo with her. Seeing her took me back to my younger years. She looks so regal! I guess this is what Dr. MJ meant when she said that beauty is well maintained when you’re living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The Zen Institute - 13th Anniversary-196
Photo Credit: The Zen Institute

Events Stylist Eliana, turned the clinic’s open space into a garden themed cocktail party place, and even used real plants for the backdrop. The stage was also designed with green and white accents. Tiffany chairs, cocktail tables with succulents as table toppers definitely completed the secret garden feels and the “zen vibe” of the venue.



We were also served with sumptuous food selection care of Cart Tales Manila. The buffet’s theme looked so luxurious that I almost didn’t want to take anything to maintain its beauty! I personally loved the food choices that matched the red and white Sangria that they served; and of course, we didn’t hesitate in getting a slice of the moist chocolate cake! Diet starts tomorrow is our mantra, lol! Just kidding. 🙂



An event wouldn’t be complete without an amazing host/hostess. Trina’s energy and wit surely lit up the party, and she really did a great job in making sure that audience participation is at 100%! I admire her personality and the way she handled everything. From being spontaneous, to cracking jokes when the tech booth suddenly played a song in error; and to being able to converse with the guest of honor Dr. MJ Tores so well, that I as a part of the audience would certainly be interested in knowing more of what they were talking about on stage.



Among the topics that she and Dr. MJ talked about, I was mostly interested in the newest services that TZI recently launched — the HappyLift and Hi-Fu.

HappyLift as mentioned, is a non-surgical facelift that uses Italian mediums that can last from 1 to 1/2 years. On one of the videos they’ve shown, brand ambassador Giselle Sanchez gave a sneak peek on how the HappyLift procedure is done.

Photo Credit: Giselle Sanchez’s FB page.

Hi-Fu on the other hand is a non-invasive facial and body contouring. Master Hanz Cua’s before and after photo was also shown on the screen.

Photo credit: @masterhanzcua

Both procedures require no downtime, and you’ll immediately see the results after the treatment!



Yanah Laurel (One of TZI’s brand ambassadors), sang us songs that got us singing along! Her rendition of Frank Sinatra’s L.O.V.E. was a hit, and everyone in the room really enjoyed her performance.



Master Hanz Cua was there too! He even gave free readings to the guests. I wish I could have asked him a little about my future in the blogging industry. I didn’t get to talk to him personally because the line was quite long for the free reading, but that’s okay. Maybe next time. 🙂



Aside from the interviews, the song number and the buffet, we also had a little game to test our listening skills! Hahaha! Trina’s questions were about the things that she and Dr. MJ discussed during the interview. Maebel, Nikki, Zarrah and I won Gift Certificates for a free Facial Spa & Diamond Peel worth P 3, 675.00. Some of the guests were also lucky to win the same GCs via raffle draw.



After the program, we were asked to go inside the clinic to avail the services (for 15 minutes) we chose during the pre-program registration. Some of the options were Diamond Peel, Hi-Fu, Reso-lift, Back massage, etc. Free consultation was also given by Dr. MJ herself, and the other doctors from TZI. I chose Diamond Peel since I was having a bad pimple breakout that time.


Jonalyn assisted me during the treatment. She started by cleaning my face, to remove my makeup. She explained to me that Diamond Peel can be done at least once a month, as it helps remove dead skin cells through its micro-peeling process. It also helps remove dirt, excess oil and improve the appearance of one’s skin. After the treatment, I immediately saw the result on my face. My skin was softer and my pimple marks lightened. Towards the end of the event I only had eye liner, eyebrow makeup and lip tint on my face, yet they said that I still looked good. They also noticed that the pimple marks were not as visible as it was early on the day.

The Zen Institute - 13th Anniversary-220
This photo was taken after I had the Diamond Peel.

Before we left, we were given loot bags filled with assorted succulents, a soap bar, as well as a P 5, 000.00 worth Gift Certificate for any beauty treatment at their Vietura Branch in Manila. We also received a Facial Spa & Diamond Peel GC worth P 3, 675.00 included in the influencers’ kit.




I personally enjoyed the party and the Diamond peel of course! I also had the privilege to speak with Dr. MJ as it was a surprising coincidence that the friend (Nikki) I invited to come with me to the event was actually her goddaughter (wedding). She was so fun to talk to! I learned a lot from our little chat, and I totally agree with her advocacy in regards to encouraging non-invasive aesthetic enhancement. I wish we had more time to talk, as I really want to discover more of what I can do to keep a youthful and radiant skin without going under the knife. I can’t wait to setup our appointment for our one to one consultation soon! I’ll just let the holiday pass, and I am ready to start my wellness journey with the help of The Zen Institute!



Video Credit: The Zen Institute

If you have reached this part of the blog, you’re in for a sweet surprise!

I am giving away 2 Gift Certificates of The Zen Institute’s “Facial Spa & Diamond Peel” worth P3, 675.00 each.

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That’s all for me today! Xoxo, Sab!


The Zen Institute, A Medical Spa
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