Momoiro Foot & Body Massage: “Be Pampered the Japanese Way!”

Being a full-time mom sometimes deprives me from having a time for some much needed rest and relaxation. Aside from the wine nights and binge watching Netflix series/movies, my so-called “me time” is often spent writing articles, reviewing brands, and going to blog events. I am not complaining because I do love what I’m doing as a mom, and as a blogger… but, I still need to get some rest, if you know what I mean. ๐Ÿ™‚

The day before #RawrAwards2018 (Blog event for LionHearTV. Watch out for my next blog about it. You can also check my previous post:ย Feeling Excited: RAWR AWARDS 2018),ย I visited a spa near our condo. I’ve been wanting to get a massage for quite a while now, and it was only last November 13, 2018 that I had a chance to go out for some peace and quiet (I’m sure moms would understand, LOL!).


This photo is from their Facebook Page.

For most of you who know me well, I love going to the spa. I also used to endorse a Spa before called Pinx Nail Spa and Massage, but both their Fairview and Banawe branches are closed already. When going to different spas, I always opt for excellent customer experience; not just with the services they offer, but also with how their staffs will treat each client that comes in.


When I arrived at the spa, I was immediately accommodated by Mercy, the receptionist. She asked me of the service that I want to try, and mentioned that I wanted the Combination Massage. She was very nice, and she was very polite in answering some of my questions regarding the spa.

It wasn’t actually my first time going to Momoiro Foot & Body Massage. My husband and I had visited their previous branch two or three times (Bed Rock Place, Dahlia, West Fairview) last year. We usually choose Shiatsu Massage because of its benefits of using pressure points to encourage relaxation. I also tried having my nails did for an event, and Ate Melds was my nail technician.


Their branch at Bed Rock Place have closed already, and they have moved to Unit B MILLEON PLACE #31 PONTIAC st. Fairview, Quezon City; which opened on October 7, 2018. They also have another branch that opened last September of this year at, Unit- C 111 Commercial El Pueblo 1 Condominium, #44 King Christian St. Novaliches, Quezon City.


Aside from the spa services, they also sell some skincare related items. Mercy said that it was the owner’s daughter who’s selling these soaps and serums. They also used to sell perfume at Bed Rock place if my memory serves me right, lol!

Going back to their services…


This is Ella, my masseuse. Before we went to the massage room, she washed my feet first with warm water. I love that Momoiro chose to have a sink type washing area (with hot and cold water option). In that way, they can conserve the water they’ll be using for each customer, and they can also avoid spilling water around the place. At the back of the washing area is their bathroom (it has a shower, so that’s a plus points for me!).

She then instructed me to go and change inside the massage room. When I entered the room, silk shorts, and towels were already provided for me to use. When everything’s ready, she asked if I wanted soft, moderate, or hard — which is a common question to any spa we go to. I asked for moderate, but mentioned that if I need a little more push, I’ll let her know.

She used an Herbal Eucalyptus oil during the massage, and just the smell helped me relax instantly. I don’t usually fall asleep during a massage, I envy the ones who can sleep soundly the entire time! Since I had the Combination Massage, the service included hot packs, herbal balls,ย  hot towel, and the massage itself is a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish. I love that they have combined reflexology and stretching in one massage. Relaxation is an understatement! I really had the most peaceful and therapeutic 1 hour and 30 minutes of my life, at least for today. The calming/soothing instrumental music also helped in getting my mind off the stress and anxiety for a moment. They say the right music can heal ones soul, and I guess it’s true.

Some spas would only give you 5 minutes or less to stay in the room after the massage service is finished. My masseuse asked me to rest for a bit, and I think I went a little more than 10 minutes in the room and nobody ever rushed me to come out. It’s one of my spa pet peeves when the staff does that, and I am happy that Momoiro’s staffs are not like the others.


When I went out to the lobby, they were even surprised that I went out so fast. Ella offered me hot tea, and of course, I wouldn’t say no to hot tea. (I looooove tea!)ย I was served with fresh green tea with herbs, and it definitely added to the relaxing feeling that I already have after the massage.

I was unable to meet the owner personally but we got to chat over Facebook as soon as I got home.


Photo is from their Facebook Page

I asked her the million dollar question, “Why did she name the spa, Momoiro?”.

She said that she had three options in mind when they were starting the business in 2016. Medori, Sakura, and Momoiro — all the names she chose are Japanese flowers.

The reason behind the Japanese inspiration for both its name and the spa is her love for visiting Japan, and because she used to work there too. She also became a Japanese interpreter when she came home to the Philippines, hence the connection to how the theme of the spa came to life.

Like me, she also loves going to the spa; that was one of the reasons she decided to put up this business. She also learned the different services they offer, and that is a great leverage for owning a business like this. She also told me that even her kids know and love learning massage therapy. Momoiro isn’t their only business, they also own a hardware store, construction supplies, and trading. From the little time that I got to speak with Ms. Marie, I can really say that she is a hardworking woman. She gives time to visit her spa after working hours, and she also takes time in responding to the queries on their Facebook Page. I also felt how motherly she was whenever we talk, and how nice she is as person and as a business woman.


I would love to come back for another R&R session at Momoiro. Maybe a couple spa for the husband and I, and a kiddie massage for our little Zion.

Before I forget, their branch in Milleon Place does not offer nail services yet. As soon as they get to hire a Nail Technician they should be able to post an update on their Facebook page. Their Novaliches branch though offers nail services, you can also visit them there.

For more information on the different services Momoiro Foot & Body Massage can offer, you can call/text them at 0916-833-6819.

You may also visit their Facebook Page: Momoiro Foot & Body Massage. They also offer HOME SERVICE MASSAGE, so if you’re lazy to go out of your house, dorm, apartment, or condo… and if you live nearby, it’s a great alternative for you!


They are open daily from 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM. It’s best to set your appointment before going to the spa especially on weekends; but walk-in clients are welcome as well.

They also sell Gift Certificates. So… if you still don’t know what to give your love ones for Christmas, this could be the answer to your dilemma.

I’m looking forward to going back to Momoiro anytime soon, and be pampered the Japanese way! Will I see you there too? Let me know in the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s all for me today! Xoxo, Sab.

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