ADTEL Inc: Mini Product Launch



On November 10, 2018, ADTEL Inc. introduced their newest products to us through a mini product launch held at Y Cafe, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Coming from Fairview is always a challenge when travelling south; and since Y Cafe is located in Makati, I allotted approximately 3 hours of travel time to avoid arriving late.

I arrived around 12:30 PM, and Jermainne greeted me at the registration booth. She also mentioned that I should participate in the raffle by getting the piece of paper with my name printed on it, and put it inside the drop box. I wouldn’t call myself lucky, because I rarely win on these types of games/giveaways.

Registration Booth. Credits to the owner of this photo.

I was introduced to Erwyn Alcomendras, the Director of Channel Distribution department. We got to chat for a bit about the products, and even tested some of the lamps that were displayed on the venue. It really pays to be early, because I really learned a lot from what he discussed. I even got to ask him questions that made me understand the function and benefits of the products they’re launching.

Thanks Erwyn for the food! (Perks of being early, lol!) — Spaghetti Puttanesca and Rasberry Smoothie (size: Boomer)

I also met the early bird, Avie. She is a lifestyle blogger like me, and she is from Rizal. We talked for a bit, and finally Rachelle arrived! She was just in time for the launch.

Photo credits to the owner. — Mr. John Lim the General Manager of Igloohome- Southeast Asia

As soon as we were gathered at the function hall, Mr. John Lim the General Manager of Igloohome- Southeast Asia was introduced to us. He shared with us what Igloohome is all about, as well as the features and benefits of Smart Locks.

Photo credits to the owner.
Photo credits to the owner.

He presented four different kinds of Smart Locks to us. The first three are already available in the market, while the fourth one will be released on 2019.

To give a bit of an idea why Igloohome decided to venture on producing Smart Locks, here’s a quick background of how it all started:

“Forget about your old keys as there is a new app in the market with smart lock that allows home owners to grant access to their property remotely. Introduced by three local Singaporean entrepreneurs, the app called Igloohome, enables home owners to create PIN codes or Bluetooth virtual keys so that they can let friends/family/helpers enter their homes, even when they are not at home. Home owners can also set the validity period of the PIN codes, so the house remains secure after the guest leaves.

According to co-founder and CEO Anthony Chow, there is a wide variety of uses for this access solution. First, family members will not be locked out of the house again should they forget to bring their keys out. Secondly, busy professionals can give one-time PIN codes to cleaners so that they can tidy up the home even when the professionals are at work. Lastly, those who are travelling can allow a friend into their homes when they are away, to feed the pet, water the plants etc.

Beyond just being a smart lock, Igloohome has built partnerships to enable services around it.
Most notably, it has partnered Airbnb to help improve the hosting experiences for both the host and the guest.
“The integration with Airbnb means that our access solution syncs up with Airbnb bookings. Once a reservation on Airbnb is confirmed, Igloohome automatically sends the guest a personalized PIN code to enter the host’s property. When the guest checks out, the PIN code is automatically deactivated, giving the host peace of mind,” he said while adding that this is the first of its kind in Singapore.

Anthony shared that as Airbnb hosts themselves, they faced the frustrations of the inconvenience of physical key exchanges, especially when guests wanted to check in at odd hours. As such, the team wanted to enhance the experience of both hosts and guests, and therefore set out to eliminate such problems.

“Subsequently, we discovered that the managing of access is a problem that is not limited to Airbnb – most home owners faced similar issues. As such, we developed our app further to cater to the different market segments, he said.” – Read more on: Goodbye old keys: this app allows you to enter your house through a virtual key

Igloohome’s idea of innovation has nothing to do with complicated arithmetic and technical stuff that ordinary people won’t understand. As a not so tech savvy person like me, I would not be interested in something that I would have a hard time dealing with. Igloohome made sure that the Smart Locks that they’re launching are easy to use without compromising the level of security a consumer is getting.

Here’s a short video clip on how Igloohome’s Smart Locks work:

Impressive, right? I never thought gadgets as innovative as these Smart Locks can be used even by children as young as my son’s age. I can honestly say that this is future of securing homes in the Philippines!

Let me share with you the three Smart Locks that Igloohome has to offer.


The World’s Slimmest Smart Deadbolt




The Smart Lock Goes Premium


3. The KEYBOX 2

The Smart Lockbox for Remote Access


If the aesthetics of these locks do not entice you to buy right away, here are the features and benefits that can surely change your mind.

These three locks have different features and functions. Choosing which Smart Lock to get depends on what is most convenient  to you or what suits your needs.

Igloohome Smart Locks have 3 modes of entry.

(The information below was provided by Igloohome)


The Igloohome smart digital lock comes with an LED touchscreen, and can be unlocked by tapping in an 8-digit PIN code.

There is the Master PIN code, which is meant for the home owners’ use and is always active (ie. accepted by the lock). It can be changed if necessary, and can be viewed by the home owner from our Igloohome mobile app.

They also have the Temporary PIN codes, which can be created from their mobile app at any time, and from anywhere. You can set the exact time and date at which the PIN code becomes active (eg. 9.00am on 1 April 2018) and when it expires (9.00pm on 1 April 2018).

If you wish, you can set it to be a One-time Access PIN code. As the name suggests, this type of code can only be used only once. This will be useful if you need to let the cleaner in for the day, or for the delivery man to drop off your online shopping parcels in your house while you are out. Once the PIN codes expire, they no longer are accepted by the lock and so your property remains secure.


An alternative mode of entry is by Bluetooth key. This means you can enter your home with just your smartphone.

If you are in close distance of the lock (eg. within an approx 1-2m radius), you can easily tap ‘Unlock’ from the Igloohome mobile app, and the Igloohome smart lock will unlock accordingly. Bid farewell to the times when you were locked out of your home because you forgot to bring your keys out!

Feel free to send a Bluetooth key to a guest you want to welcome into your house. Similar to the PIN code, you can set how long the Bluetooth key is active for.

For your peace of mind, you can view the history of the exact dates and times when your smart lock was unlocked via PIN code or Bluetooth key with the Igloohome mobile app through Access Logs.

Furthermore, our app features Access Alerts. You will be alerted whenever a loved one or visitor enters your home using Bluetooth key in real time features.


You may not even need to use this option at all, but it is retained as a mode of entry for emergency situations (eg. if you are unable to change the batteries of the lock before they run out of power). This is the conventional lock and key method, in which you insert a physical key to unlock the lock.

It is the back-up plan, to provide you reassurance that you will be able to enter your home no matter what.

With all these features, we barely scratched the tip of the iceberg of what Igloohome Smart Locks can do for you and your home. With Igloohome, you can be rest assured that you get only the best in home security.

As I have mentioned above, Igloohome will launch a new product on 2019 called, the PADLOCK.


If you think this padlock is just like the others, you have to watch this video first:

Amaaazing, right? It’s kind of a “Shut up and take my money!” moment, if you ask me. I know I have shared a lot already, but if you want to know more about the Padlock and the three Smart Locks I have discussed, their website is just one click away! Click here.

For every presentation, there will always be a Question and Answer portion.

Here’s a quick summary, thank you Rachelle for gathering this information.

  1. The Igloohome Smart lock’s durability will last up to 30 years
  2. The battery will last up to 1 year
  3. The warranty ranges from 1 to 2 years depending on the model (1)



EACH MOMENT HAS ITS LIGHT – Plug, point and play – Simplicity is our promise to you with the iDual LED lighting system.



Let’s talk about lights! To be more specific, let’s talk about, iDual LED Lights.

“While LED lights have long been in the market, its main selling point has always been its energy efficiency and long lifespan, but LED lights are more than just economical light sources; with the right technology, they are capable of so much more.
The iDual product family combines everything you want and more in your lighting in one simple remote. On top of dynamic color scenes, we provide you with white light scenes and white light presets. We have included a color wheel that lets you gradually adjust the color to your liking. Pick the color you like, adjusting the intensity to the level that you want. You can even blend between full colors and pastel colors to create the perfect hue. Whether it’s something as ordinary as waking up in the morning to something as special as a romantic evening with your significant other, you can be rest assured that you always have the right light to set the mood.”

The moment I sat down, the Clover Portable Light immediately caught my attention. I personally love lamps, and seeing that it changes colors, made it more interesting!

Photo credits to the owner.

Erwyn discussed this to Avie and I before the program started. He mentioned that they are targetting Airbnb hosts, or real state developers that can use these lights as leverage when it comes to marketing perspectives. It could also work for innovative cafes that can be used to set the mood for acoustics nights, conference room meetings, or children’s parties with themes.

If you had a hard time choosing the Smart Lock that will work best for you, I am 100% sure that you’ll have the same sentiments when it comes to choosing the iDual Lighting System that’s right for you — or most likely, you’re going to hoard all (or most) types of the lights available. Especially when I tell you that you only need 1 remote (that runs in triple A batteries) to control ALL the bulbs, and the lamps you will choose to buy.

The IDual Remote


The iDual Remote offers much greater control and convenience with a slim and soft design. The adjustable wide IR range helps you choose all the iDual luminaire at the same time, while the narrower range helps to point control the light. The new slimmer design and soft texture ensures that your controller is as pleasant to the eye and touch, as it is empower you to be in charge of your lighting conditions.

See all the buttons? You can  choose the type of light you need whether it’s for a Netflix and chill kind of night, a makeup tutorial on your YouTube page, or simply getting that focus you need for studying for the upcoming exams. All you need is 1 iDual light that comes with a remote, and you can soon just buy the bulbs to add color to your home!

Here’s the list of the designs that they available:

Light Source – A E27Bulb-A-E27-iD60-lighting copy

The iDual light source offers true equivalence when it comes to replacing any incandescence with enough brightness. Its real white light is of the highest quality and it covers a wider light area.

Not only does the iDual light source offer you a wide range of designs to match your needs and style. But you will find it very easy to install, of a high quality and of reasonable price. So everybody can enjoy our high-end products.


What I like about it:

  • Plug and Play
  • Lights up the entire room
    with a relax or a work light
  • Tunable white with brightness  variation by the flick of a switch
  • It’s very easy to install
  • Quality isn’t compromised given the reasonable price




Portable Light- Clover and Dahlia

The Clover and Dahlia are PnP (Plug and Play) portable lights that are all about style and elegance, and would fit well in just about any setting that you can think of. Even more these portable lights are very easy to use.

These luminaires are characterized by an eye-catching aluminum die cast base which has a high quality touch and with an equaly high quality frosted glass design for fancy decoration effect. They will match perfectly with most decorative styles.

What I like about it:

  • Plug and Play
  • Multi-purpose lamp: can be used next to a bed, on a shelf, as a decoration
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Quality frosted glass with die cast finish – IT DOESN’T HEAT UP!
  • 500 lumens with bright white LED engine
  • Child-friendly

If I have not convinced you yet, you better watch this video.

Isn’t it nice? I guess you won’t have to think too much on what gift you can give to your love ones this Christmas! Well, holiday or not, these lamps are going to be sold out in less time! You better get yours now before it’s too late!

These IDual Lighting System is available on selected D.I.Y. Hardware stores near you. If you want to know more, it’s best to check their Facebook page. Click here.

I personally learned a lot from ADTEL Inc.’s mini product launch. Securing homes is an essential to every family; through Igloohome’s Smart Locks, it has never been this easy to keep your home safe 24/7. The ease of use, the many options to choose from, gadgets that don’t need Wi-Fi; wouldn’t it give a lot of Filipinos peace of mind once they learned the benefits of having Smart Locks at the comfort of their homes? …and the lamps, the changing color lights! It’s a great way of helping one person to another on how his mood can change depending on the color of his home. Focus, relaxation, and even play time with the kids can be leveled up through the use of IDual lighting system.

Here are some of the highlights from the event:


Here’s a photo of us after John’s presentation.



I enjoyed the event because I got to spend it with Rachelle, and also because we met new blogger friends that we immediately clicked with.


Snacks were also served after the presentation. We had burgers, Shrimp on toast, Hotdog cocktail on stick, and Iced Tea.


Drawing and announcing of raffle winners!


Here are the prizes, and their prices.



IDual Lights winners



Smart Lock winners

Yes, Chell won a P12,000 worth of Smart Lock from Igloohome!

Photo credits to the owner.

we also tried our luck at the registration booth’s fishbowl game.


These are what I got. They maybe small, but they’re definitely useful.


We left Y Cafe with big smiles on our faces;this event is certainly one for the books! 



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