Celebrate Your Kid’s October Birthday with MommyDaddyMe Philippines

On October 20, my son Zion and I attended a kiddie party at Jollibee Sienna Branch. It wasn’t just an ordinary birthday party. It was actually a celebration for the kids who were born on October, which was organized by MommyDaddyMe Philippines.


Just a little back story… my son turned seven recently, but he didn’t want to have a birthday party. All he requested for his birthday was to go to an amusement park, and to receive one toy. On his actual birthday, we went to Star City, and then bought him a toy called “Fish Torrible” after. Since he didn’t have a party, and the mommy in me still wanted him to celebrate, I decided to join MDM’s game/giveaway on Instagram.

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We are inviting 100 child users of MommyDaddyMe.com, with birthdays in October, to our awesome birthday party in Manila and celebrate their special day with us! We have prepared exciting games and prizes for you to win. Meals are also included at the event. A registered child can be accompanied by their parents on that day. Time and date will be announced soon. . . Details: . 1. you must be our registered user in order to participate! . . 2. If you are not already a user, register now and put your “MDM username” in the comments section. . 3. First 100 child users to comment will be invited . 4. All terms and conditions apply; child users must be between 4-13 and bring proof of age.

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I learned about MommyDaddyMe Philippines through one of our WishCard Blogger friends, Ryan of Dad and More. (MDM is not connected/affiliated with WishCard)

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MommyDaddyMe is a unique social media platform that aims to connect families and children. . . Visit 👉 mommydaddyme.com and follow @mommydaddymephilippines to find out how they can help support our child’s needs in the digital world. . . . . Follow our adventures 👉 @dadandmore 👉 click link in bio for latest blog post 👉 www.dadandmore.com . . . #dadandmore #dadsofinstagram #instadad #fathersontime #fatherson #dadgoals #proudfather #daddylife #daddytime #daddyandson . . #igersphilippines #vscoph #vscopinas #vscophilippines #abmlifeisbeautiful . . #kidsactivities #kidsplay #kidsfun #kidsplay #funwithkids . . #igersmanila #9pmhabit #igerspinoy #igpinoy #igersphil . . #dadscomm #mumscomm #parenting #parenthood #pinoysuperdads

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So, I registered on their website, followed them on Instagram, and followed the mechanics on their latest giveaway. I was then informed days later via Instagram that my son and I were invited to the said party! My son got so excited, and he wouldn’t stop asking me about the details!

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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for patiently waiting with us for the announcement. As we mentioned before, this is a special event created for all children born on October from ages 4-13. But it wouldn’t be a fun party anymore without your friends with you so please invite them as well. All they need to do is just follow the steps on how to join. (Yes, it is open to everyone born on any month) For the ones who are not born on October, as long as you bring a friend who is then you are qualified to join. Always, the more the merrier! ✨ HOW TO JOIN: 1. To those who are able to come, please comment your MDM username in the comments. If you have commented already in our previous post, then you don’t have to anymore because you are already invited ! 2. To those who don’t have an MDM username, please download our app “MommyDaddyMe” in the App Store or google and sign up ! After that, just follow the process of number 1.

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Zion and I went to Jollibee Sienna early in the morning to make sure that we will arrive just in time for the party. The party didn’t start at exactly 9 AM — but that’s okay, because my son got to mingle and make friends with the other participants.


I also got the opportunity to meet one of MDM Philippines’ staffs, Miss Cristy. She shared with me what MDM is, and she also gave me these cute card holders! I used one of them when I went to Blogapalooza last Saturday, Oct. 27. She also told me to download the MDM app to better explore the ways to use the materials for learning, and playing that they have.


My son loves to attend birthday parties; he is always active in joining the party games. He is also very friendly (just like his mommy), so it wasn’t hard for me to bring him to these kinds of events.


The party started with a word of prayer, and a dance number from the Jollibee crew. They also played games, and while we were eating, a member of MDM PH explained to us the purpose of MommyDaddyMe App, and also encouraged us to watch the video they prepared for us.


Based on the brief introduction as well as the video we watched, here’s a little info that I learned about MommyDaddyMe Philippines:

MommyDaddyMe is a Hong Kong based company that continuously expands across Asia to reach more families that can be able to use their app. Their app focuses on strengthening family bonding, and promoting a healthier way of using social media. It also helps parents prepare their kids for the Internet age; and that through their guidance, kids can connect, share, and learn without being exposed to the dangers of the World Wide Web.


Some snaps from their website

After eating and watching the video presentation, more games were played! I even joined the adult game because my son requested me to do so. LOL!


We sang the Happy Birthday song to the October celebrants as they blew the candles on their Jolli Birthday cake provided by MDM PH.


We also had our pictures taken with Jollibee!


I met some of the mommies too! I was actually surprised that most of the mommies that were invited already know each other. They were so nice to me even if I was someone new to the community, and some of their kids even joined Zion and I at our table.



Miss Cristy also shared a few words, and thanked us for joining them on this event.


MDM PH informed us that they’ll be having another activity on December, and hopefully Zion and I can join them again; maybe my husband can join us too!

They’ll post in on Facebook and on Instagram, so if you’re interested, follow them on their social media pages and of course, register on their website to know more. Don’t forget to download their app as well, okay? 🙂

­­­­­­­­­­­Here are more photos from the party!!!


I haven’t fully explored the app yet, to be honest… that’s because, my husband and I have a strict rule for Zion’s screen time. He is only allowed to use a gadget or watch a show from Friday after class (if he doesn’t have homework) to Sunday night (only until after dinner). He also isn’t allowed to use the internet, unless of course if he’s in his grandparents houses (my mom’s or my in laws’) – to which I sometimes have no control of. You know what I mean. HAHAHA! That’s why now that he is on a short vacation from school; we can surely start to learn how to use the MDM app, and I am super excited to know what it has in store for me and my little family!

Thank you so much again, MommyDaddyMe Philippines for having us! Thank you also, Mr. Javed Rahman, MDM’s CEO, for reaching out to me! More power and I hope to meet you soon!

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