#WishcardwithBeeHappy: Wax Seal Stamp Craze and More

Being a WishCard International blogger partner gives me different opportunities that allow me to experience new stuff, and to do more to excel in my passion in writing. The schedules are becoming hectic, so to speak; but I have no complaints as I feel blessed to be given this chance in pursuing to do what I have always wanted to do.

April, Malou, and I.

As dramatic as I may have sounded, please continue to read on as I will be sharing a really fun and creative adventure that my fellow #BeautifulWishers Malou, and April had last October 13, 2018 at WishCard International’s partner merchant, BEE HAPPY Craft & D.I.Y. Supplies.


BEE HAPPY Craft & D.I.Y. Supplies is a shop that can provide if not all, at least most of your arts and craft needs. It is owned by Ms. Ruby, a mom of two adorable kids, and a crafter herself. The shop is definitely a crafters haven, and the kid in me totally wanted to do a shopping spree! Take a peek of what’s inside, and tell me if you’ll feel the same way I did.

Bee Happy started as an online store, selling Washi Tapes, then later on started to add more items which lead to becoming a complete craft and D.I.Y. supplies shop. Two years later, they opened their physical store on 8th street, and then later transferred to a bigger place on the 10th street (see the map below). Now they’re on their 6th year, and I am sure they’ll be in for more! I asked her if she wanted to open another branch, and she mentioned that they’re planning since there are offers from malls, but it’s something that they have to really think through.


I got the chance to ask her the reason behind the shop’s name, because the curious cat in me can’t leave the place without knowing. LOL! Ms. Ruby said that her email signature in high school was “Beeg Happy, and she was known for being called “Beeg” or “RuBEE”. She didn’t make a lot of effort in choosing a name because she was aiming for a different business outside the country that time. She never had a chance to change the brand’s name, and since a lot of people knew about Bee Happy already, she chose to keep it that way. Now, the shop is well-known to most crafters, artists, and artists at hearts.

Aside from the interview, and the store tour, we got the chance to do some activities at the craft table as well.



Bee Happy is also known for having all sorts of stamps and inks that you can think of. From rubber stamps, to acrylic blocks, clear stamps and more! They also carry different ink brands which you can also see on their website.



Since we’re in an arts and crafts shop, supplies like cutters, punchers, and crafting machines are something that we’d want to try. Ms. Ruby taught us how to make gift tags using ink stamps, and also using their tag punch board.



Having a wax seal stamp set has always been my dream because of the musical, “The Phantom of the Opera. I never thought I’d be able to use one since I really didn’t know where to buy before. Ms. Ruby taught us how to use it properly, and even allowed us to choose different designs and put them on gift tags. See Malou’s obra below.


We were having so much fun at the craft’s table that we didn’t bother checking the time. Ms. Ruby also served us food to eat, so we definitely lost track since we were having the time of our lives. **Cues Dirty Dancing Movie’s theme song, LOL! ** CVZOJPK

Before we left the shop, we didn’t let the day pass without buying something. Malou has a separate blog about her Bee Happy Haul and Shop Tour. Click the link to read her post, and to see the items she got.

Crafters or not, you certainly won’t leave the place without buying a thing or two! I also got something for my nephew/god son as a birthday gift but forgot to take a photo of it.

The best thing about today’s visit is that we got to take home the wax seal stamps we used, and Ms. Ruby was so generous that she included more wax beads, candles, and even added planners, stickers as well as washi tapes in our individual loot bags.


What I like most about our visit isn’t the activity or the free stuff; it’s the generosity and the kindness of the owner’s heart. Her craft’s table has different arts and craft materials that are free to be used by the visitors; buying or not. She also allows them to take home their works, which is a big help for beginners and crafters with fewer materials. She also has an ongoing campaign called, Crafters Against Cancer.  It’s her way of helping the paediatric patients in Bahay Aruga to raise funds. This is a really good gesture, and I hope we can also do our part in helping her with this project. Please see the original post for more details.


If your heart is calling you to help, here’s how (From their FB page):



  • First batch: October 26, 2018
  • Second batch: November 23, 2018

I had a really great time at Bee Happy, and I’m sure Malou and April did too! This is one of the experiences I might never stop sharing or talking about. The fact that we got to know Ms. Ruby, and that we learned new things that can help us with our future artsy projects, were surely worth the long commute and the lack of sleep. I want to go back given another chance, and hopefully by that time I’ll have more money to spend. LOL! Kidding aside, if this doesn’t encourage you enough to visit Bee Happy anytime soon, you should check out April’s blog about her TOP 5 REASONS to choose Bee Happy.

April, Ms. Ruby, Malou, and I.

I wanted to share more, but when you’re happy about something, it’s really hard to express it in words. That’s why I’d rather let you experience it yourself! So go, and visit BEE HAPPY Craft & D.I.Y. Supplies NOW! Wait, not now, now, ok? Hahaha! Here’s their schedule for walk-in visits and of course, if you’re too far, you can always order online.

They are usually open from Mondays to Saturdays, but only allow walk-in visits every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. They are open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and the store is located at 160 L. Nadurata Street, 10th Ave. Caloocan City, 1403 Caloocan, Philippines.

For people who love online shopping, please do check out their website Bee Happy, and follow them on all their social media pages:

As soon as I start using the wax seal stamps again, I will be posting it on all my social media pages. If you want to see more, you know what to do… follow me on all my accounts, okay? Thank you!

Website: All About Sab

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IG: @allaboutsabph

Twitter: @allaboutsabph

That’s it for me today, I hope you enjoyed reading! If you have visited, or are planning to visit Bee Happy, share your thoughts on the comment box.

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