I am happy to announce that as of September 22, 2018, I am officially a partner of WishCard International. That means, my blog will be featured on Wish 107.5 App anytime soon.

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This photo and the photo below are both from WishCard International’s Facebook Page.

How did it happen? Read on, and you’ll find out!


I was one of the lucky bloggers who got invited to attend the Bloggers’ Meet last September 22, 2018. It was originally scheduled on the 15th of September but due to flood and typhoon, it was safer for everybody to have it rescheduled.

I actually had a month-long prepared outing on the same day, and I almost didn’t get to attend the event. I was fortunate that our check-in time at the resort was at 7PM and some of our van mates decided to leave late, that’s why I was able to go to the event and even finished the whole thing.

I left the house at 11:40 AM, booked a Grab to Gateway as I will be meeting my dear friend Malou, and we’ll walk together going to Art in Island. There was an unusual heavy traffic, but I still managed to arrive around 1PM at Gateway Mall.


As you all may know, based on my previous blogs, this is Malou. My forever Kumare and friend.

We walked from Gateway to Art in Island, and we didn’t know that it’ll be one small adventure to go there. LOL! The street we walked on was similar to the streets of Carriedo and Recto. We were a bit scared, but as Thomasian Alumni, we were already aware of how it things work when in a sketchy public place.

It was safer when we turned right at 15th street, we could have ridden a Jeepney, but walking seemed faster especially if the Jeepney had to wait for passengers before getting to our destination.


We have arrived!

I honestly didn’t expect much from this place because I thought it was just another museum, and I didn’t want to end up disappointed.

I love how they paid attention to details. We haven’t entered the museum and yet, the art outside already gave me an idea of how awesome it will look like inside. It gave me hope that this place could be more than just another Instgrammable area.

Upon entering, we asked the guard where to go as we didn’t know where the registration booth was. He asked for our names, checked his log book, and informed us to go the other entrance area to register.

We were greeted by the lovely ladies from 1K Solutions, and one of them asked us to register by entering our name, blog site, contact info, and email address. They asked us to wear shoe rugs because the place was strict in making sure that its floors are free from all sorts of dirt.


I was wearing my new sandals that day, and since we were wearing shoe rugs, the inner fashionista in me put a little twist by keeping the bows out.


Iced Chocolate Drink from Cafe Minou

I haven’t eaten anything, and I wasn’t ready to have a full meal, so I just bought an Iced Chocolate Drink from Cafe Minou (It is located inside Art in Island).

Some of the bloggers were unable to join us because of the schedule change. I took the initiative to help Ms. Aubrey to find other bloggers that can join us, and I was lucky to have April, and Rachelle on board with us. Before the schedule change, I was also the one who asked Ms. Aubrey if I can bring another blogger (Malou) with me because I do not know anyone from the group. She was so considerate, and said yes without any hesitations.

Aside from my girls, my other blogger friends  Chelsea, and Rika were also invited. Rika arrived a little late, that’s why she and her son were seated at the back during the orientation.


We started the event with our hosts Ms. Sarah Obnamia, and Mr. Jonas Legardo explaining to us the flow of our program. We had a little ice breaker too, where some of the bloggers including myself, were interviewed and asked about our blogs, etc.

We also watched a short clip about 1k Solutions, Inc., it’s owner Daniel Razon, how they came up with their Wish 107.5 App, and the newest addition to its features, the WishCard. I will talk more about the WishCard on my next blog.


20180922_145250 (2)

1K Solutions, Inc.’s CEO, Noel Peralta, Jr.

We were privileged to have the presence of 1K Solutions, Inc.’s CEO, Noel Peralta Jr. He discussed the details of our partnership with WishCard International, the vision and mission of our partnership, explained the Memorandum of Agreement, and answered our questions in regards to signing out MoA.

We were served with different kinds of toasts from Cafe Minou, and I got the ever delicious Banana Flambae. It’s a good thing I didn’t buy before the event started, it saved me from eating and spending too much. LOL! I love that my toast had Cinnamon and nuts, and that the inside has fillings, so the entire food didn’t taste bland. It was GOOD!


Cafe Minou also serves Coffee, Chocolate drink, Cold Beverages, and Ice cream. I  actually wanted to try the Mango Toast, that’s why the next time I visit Art in Island, Cafe Minou is definitely on my list.

After eating, and signing the contracts, we received a gift from one of our sponsors, Hype Cases.


All the bloggers who attended received customized phone cases, and since my iPhone 5s doesn’t have a case yet, I will surely use this one right away!


I know you’re all waiting to see what’s inside Art in Island, so, let me go ahead and show you now. A little heads up, my phones were totally messed up that day, of all days. Not making an excuse, but I really need a phone upgrade or I might buy a camera instead.

Some photos were from Malou, Rika, and April. I’ll list down their information later so you can also follow them on social media.

Let’s start the tour! (Photos are randomly selected, my apologies.)


The photos above were the first three photos taken from my phone.


Who smiles at photos when they are getting knifed? I do. LOL!

Spot the hidden Sabrina. HAHAHA! I personally loved this area. I wonder how long it took the artist(s) to finish such wonderful creations.

OOOPS! Now you know how the giant chair works its magic! Here are some of the wishers getting their creative shots done. I am sure you’ll see a lot of these on the Wish App once the other bloggers have already posted theirs.

I went to Egypt to find Moses, but all I found was a stubborn Camel who wouldn’t want to stand up to take me for a ride.

They say, a picture paints a thousand words… but how do you explain this? HAHA!


Of course, Art in Island is best toured if shared with friends. Okay, most are my solo pictures because Malou took them for me. The group shots were from April, and were taken towards the end of the day.

More photos with my girls, and a rare photo with Rika.


I was really surprised that Art in Island was very well-maintained, and that they really took a lot of effort to make the entire place so beautiful, and well-thought of. It exceeded my expectation, and I honestly want to bring my son there as soon as possible!

Before I forget, aside from the beautiful photo walls, creative artworks, and one of a kind museum, they also had a spectacular musical-lights show which started at 5:00 PM.

It maximized the artworks displayed, and the musical lights were certainly well executed. I was so amazed that I chose to put down my monopad, and just enjoyed the show. If you want to know more about it, make sure to visit Art in Island soon!


I really don’t know how to end this post, as I do want to put as many details as I can; but a girl can only do so much. My son is actually waiting for me to join him, and my husband for dinner while writing this.

Before I end, I would like to say thank you to Ms. Aubrey Macapagal for inviting me, and even allowing me to tag along my blogger friends with me. Thank you for being patient, and for giving all the information we needed from the beginning of the event, even after it’s done.

Thank you, 1k Solutions, Inc. for coming up with a way to help Bloggers and Vloggers like me to showcase our talents through your app., and for giving us the privilege to become your official partners. This will not only boost my numbers and views, but also my confidence in writing articles that soon can be published or get featured on Wish 107.5. Thank you also to your kind staff and crew who took care of us at the event. You guys are blessed to have a handful of people who are ready to help and assist during this type of event.

Thank you, Art in Island for sharing with us your amaaaaazing museum! It was my first time, and I cannot wait to come back! I  really want to share the experience that I had with my family and friends! So, expect me to visit as soon as I can!

Thank you, Cafe Minou for serving us with a sumptuous meal. I was so full, that I had to share mine with Rika. I want to come back and then order other toasts on your menu!

Thank you, Malou for always coming with me! Your company is forever appreciated! Thank you, Rachelle, and April for joining us even if the invite was last minute. I hope you girls enjoyed as much as I did! Thank you, Chelsea, and Rika for coming as well, due to my persistence, and because you girls love me (I claim it, lol!). I know travelling from Laguna and Cavite is quite stressful, but you still made time.

I am one happy Wisher, and I am stoked to write more about Wish 107.5 and WishCard International soon!



Malou, ME!, April, Rachelle, Chelsea, and Rika

We are #BeautifulWishers! Chelsea came up with this name, and I started using the hashtag on all the posts that included them.

Here’s a photo of us after the event. We were waiting for our Nachos, and Bucket of Fries from Chef’s Garage at Cubao X. We were also watching videos from the WishBus being played on their television screen.

We parted ways as soon as my ride arrives. As mentioned earlier, I was heading to Laguna for an outing, and yes, I am a Curacha like that. LOL!

Download the Wish 107.5 App! Listen to good OPM music, earn some points, get yourself a WishCard, and redeem your desired merchandise!

Follow them on all their social media pages:

For more information and updates from Art in Island, you may visit their Facebook page: Art in Island

Don’t forget to also follow my girls, and I on all our social media pages:


Malou Francisco

Rika Bajacan

Chelsea Sayo

Rachelle Delizo

April Tayas

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That’s all for me today. Xoxo, Sab.


16 thoughts on “#WishCardwithArtinIsland

  1. rikanobela says:

    Awwww Looove you! Yung rare photo natin gurl, makikita mo naman ung video na tinake ko nung time na yun hahaha! Yup! My camera was really rolling when our photo was being taken. Hahaha!
    Tho nanghihinayang ako I wasn’t able to hang out nang matagal because of my mudra mode haha! My bebekez was happy din naman. Di baleee more to come! Love you! 💕💕💕♥♥♥♥♥

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